Breaking news! Delighted to say Gifts le Grá was featured on RTÉ news recently!! - Gifts le Grá

Breaking news! Delighted to say Gifts le Grá was featured on RTÉ news recently!!

It is hard to believe it is almost a month ago already! To say that Gifts le Grá has been on National television and featured on the 6 o' clock news is quite surreal to be honest. 

Elaine from Gifts le Grá writing a personalised message to go with the gift box she has packed on the table beside her.

A day in the life of a small business owner can have to many ups and downs and it was a pleasure to be able to share my experiences and give a little insight into the rollercoaster of entrepreneurial life while raising my two small children.

Like I said in the interview, you wouldn't do it if you didn't enjoy it'! There are so many hats to be wore and endless jobs to juggle and often you are the one responsible for it all because simply you can't afford to hire someone for all the jobs that need doing. 

It was an amazing experience to share with the crew the daily highs and lows of running a small business while spending time with my two young children. They got to see a snippet of that while watching me pack and personalise a gift box order and even the reality of having to stop mid way to lift the little man from his nap (perfect timing as always!!) 

Of course, our popular Act of Kindness gift boxes got featured on the news segment, something I was thrilled about!

Picture of Act of kindness gift box wrapped in kraft paper with notecard on top

(See our previous blog post to find out more about them)

We were fortunate to be featured as part of a programme I completed with the ATU and Údarás na Gaeltachta, EMPOWER CUMASÚ for female entrepreneurs in the Gaeltacht region. 

To read the full article the link is below.

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As always,

le grá, Elaine x 

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