The Story of Gifts le Grá



The idea for Gifts le Grá was born in 2020, when during lock down (the first week!) I had my first baby girl. In the weeks and months following I received some lovely gifts through the post and on the doorstep to celebrate Éabha's arrival. Each and every gift brought a small bit of happiness to a difficult time. 

I love curating gifts for people and had done so for various occasions so this gave me the push to go for it and in 2021 Gifts le Grá was born. 

I create bespoke and thoughtful gift boxes for all occasions with a wide selection of Irish products from small local businesses. I have had the pleasure of working with people for the most exciting events in their lives and like everything for some of the most difficult. Each gift box has its own story making it truly unique. 

The Gifts le Grá website was launched in Oct 2022 after a lot of thought and consideration. I feel that it is an asset to the business and allows people to purchase a carefully designed gift box or curate their own box if they wish at their own convenience.

Although the website is now live, I want people to feel that they can continue to work with me on a more personal level to create that ideal gift and so my, Instagram and Facebook messenger are always open.

As an ever expanding business we are always happy to hear from businesses and working with them for their corporate gifting needs.

We are delighted to update and launch the new website in May 2024, a testament to our continued commitment to improve our services. We are also delighted to be increasing our suppliers over the last few months. And are thrilled to be now able to offer international shipping so that we can spread the grá further. 

Le Grá, Elaine xxx